Free tool to surf anonymus mode



i use an adsl mode and i would love to surf in anonymus mode , is there a free software that let me mask my ip
disable cookies
and for sure
Remove all scripts (recommended for anonymity) !!!

i’m using opera 7.11 & explorer
help me


I think you are looking for “No Trax” you can gett it from Here


Sorry I just remembered it’s not a free wear but I don’t think it cost a lot of $$$$$ any way it’s worth a look and it dose have a 30 day trial :cool:


In fact, all you have to do is use an anonimous proxy to surf through. My rotating anonimous proxies, you can surf ‘even more’ anonimous. The tool that can do this is Multiproxy and it can be downloaded for free [from here](

BTW… I moved this thread to the software forum, as that is a better place for it, rather than the hardware forum!


By surfing on a proxy to avoid being seen by 1 commecial/legit site, you’ve opened yourself to a shit load of hackers running the proxy providing site. Nice job!

BTW, proxys are soooo damn slow. If you want anonymous, just get a router that does auto DHCP, wireless prefered as it is untraceble. Hack away script kiddie.