Free Tool to split DVD9 to 2x DVD5?

All recommendations for performing this procedure seem to go out to the payware soft of CloneDVD or DVDFab.

Are there any userfriendly freeware apps that do this task?


DVDShrink in ReAuthor mode, using the Start/End Frame tool.

This guide is for an earlier version of Shrink, but is still good:

You can download the last version of DVDShrink at

Thanks, I’ll give it a try. I seem to remember getting a tool that was really one click copy to 2 DVDs with my first writer, but I don’t recall what it was :frowning:


VobBlanker - keeps menus on both discs.



Thanks, I’ll read through the guide, but from a first glance I gather there’s no preview, you’re working blind?

From the way you put it, I take it DVDShrink does not keep the menus? That’s a bit odd because the guide puts the extras on disc 2, so there has to be a menu there to access them.


No, VobBlanker has a preview. Download it and see.

The way that DVD Shrink works, it can not keep menus on a re-authored DVD. So, what you put on disc 2 just plays sequentially.


Ah, that explains it, and surely makes the Vobblanker method much better. I’ll be certain to look into it. Thanks very much!