I have a Free-To-Air recevier, and some little cousins I were babysitting set the parental lock. They can’t remember what they set it to and now I can’t watch “R” rated movies. Lol.

How do I fix it?

  1. First try PIN default Code: ‘1234’
  2. You can try to set the receiver to factory default. And for the future, if your receiver has such an option, set the Setup LOCK/PIN, thus only you can access the Setup Menu.

I have a “Lifetime Ultra” Fortec Star, and don’t know much about it. :s I’m not exactly sure where to look for the options and stuff.

Surely it must have come with a manual these tend to tell you where the options are, what you need to press on the remote, what the deafilt pin is and other useful info and finally how to contact them for support. Surely the manufacturer support should be the best people to try first, barring Windows I have found them to be very helpful.