Free to Air Receivers

What is better Dreambox or Ariza 700?

I am looking at ease of use
Channels they get
proper menus/channel guides etc


If you want the really best one, get a Coolsat, bro… :bigsmile:

From both choices, the Dreambox (7020) is a good one.

Is it worth the trouble? :confused:
Do you know of a web site for more info? :confused:


All info here:

Sorry. What I should have said is buying and setting up the whole free to air system worth the trouble?
Also do you have a web site with more details on how to set it up.
Thanks. :smiley:

Usually a manual comes with the device showing you the necessary steps to set up your system.
Also there is support via the web and phone.

I got a cooltech 4000pro on sattelite 119 and 110 but when I put in the switch msd 41 I only get one sattelite I do have 110 set on lnb 1 and 119 on
lnb2 but will not receive one sat. I put in a switch box which I move from one to the other and its ok.So does anyone know what could be the problem wiht
using the msd41

You probably have to set up this config in the settop setup or the switch doesn’t fit the capabilities needed… ?!

I think that Juren is still awaiting the answer to his question. Well Juren, I just got a Ariza 700 2 days ago. I must say that I have found that the Program guide is somewhat lacking. It is very difficult to figure out how to read which program is on which station. For example if you look at the program guide, you must factor in which “Time Zone” the station is from. That will tell you exactly what time it is on where you live…very confusing. It may be 8:00 on the guide that you are looking at but, that program was actually on 2 hours ago !!! As well, it will only tell you the programing for a 2 hour period. If you can pick up the 110 and 119 though, you will have a very good selection of PPV. I have found that with my “Dishnet 3100” system I was getting great reception, however, when I switched to the Ariza 700 the reception was reduced from %95 on the 110 to %75, and on the 119 from %75 to %35. So, I will be picking up a Satallite Inline Amp 20dbs (NOT 10dbs) and a short piece of colax cable to connect it to the splitter on my dual LNB dish. This should boost the reception.

(edited out) I would hold off on the Ariza and Dreambox for a Dishnet 3100 with a (edited). Better reception, fantastic program guide, lots of channels.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

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I have a Ariza 700 receiver at 61.5W. I got it two days ago, was working fine, but now all the channels are blank. I dont know wher to go for help. Can anyone tell me what happened, and I have to do??


Try to reset your receiver to the manufacturer settings, check your manual for this.

As a matter of interest, what message do you get on the screen when you try operating the receiver or changing channels?

Here are a few tips that may help:

Totally blank screen (without any channel #'s, etc. showing when changing channels):

Check the AV connections between the receiver and the TV and ensure the receiver powers on (most show a green LED when powered up), etc. Also, check the batteries in the remote - a simple way to test is to see if you can get the receiver to work using its on-board buttons.

Channel #'s / writing and menus show, but keep getting ‘No Signal’

Ensure the satellite coaxial cable is tightly screwed in, including at the dish. If this issue happened just after a day / night of strong wind, chances are that the installer of the dish may not have tightened the screws enough as all it takes is for the dish to go off by more than a degree and it no longer picks up the satellite. I seen this happen a few times before.

Channels change, you get sound, but no picture

Change to ‘TV’ mode on the receiver. Most receivers have a radio mode for listening to audio-only broadcasts. Look for a ‘Radio’ button the remote and press this to see if it goes back into TV mode.

I AM getting like 89% signal level and quality. It just says scrambled or bad channel, for every channel. I know i have to update something, not sure where to find out or how to get it.

In this case, it looks like the receiver’s channel database or flash has gone corrupt. As chef mentioned, I would recommend trying a ‘Reset to factory defaults’. When I got my Manhattan receiver, it would totally lock up if I went into the channel list menu or tried doing a scan just after taking it out of the box, however once I tried a ‘Factory reset’, this issue has not recurred.

Have a look through the menus for a ‘Restore to factory defaults’ or ‘Master reset’ option (the name of this operation can vary from receiver to receiver). Alternatively, unplug the receiver and then plug it in while holding down the standby button the receiver itself for a few seconds. This method does a master reset on some receivers. Just be warned that some brands of receivers (e.g. Manhattan series) require a password to do a master reset. Note that once you do a master reset, you will need to do a full channel scan again as well as re-enter the settings, such as the TV type, satellite details, etc.

If attempting a master reset does not correct the issue or the issue recurs within the next few days or weeks, I would first recommend attempting to update the firmware (if your receiver supports this), otherwise you would probably be better just getting a replacement.

Coolsat isnt all that good. I can recomend the best a dreambox, or a Viewsat, which has full epg and fast channel change.

It isn’t that easy nowadays.
5 years ago when I bought my first DVB-S receiver there wasn’t much variety of choice.
Nowadays DVB receivers are already in the mainstream and so much brand and none-brand receivers are offered.
But ca. only 30% are really good ones. :wink:

i need some help to watch dish 4 free in Africa

For free, eh?

i have a “techsat” reciever and it keeps going down the fella that installed it will reboot it for a price but thats not the goal for free tv now is it! I would like to know how to do this myself any suggestions? :confused: