Free - that's a fair price for a CD!

I just posted the article Free - that’s a fair price for a CD !. is reporting about an independent music site called, here you can order CD’s for free. All you have to pay are ‘shipping costs’ (actual shipping cost + small fee) and for…

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gotta love those indie labels. GREAT IDEA!! I will definatley check this out

To be honest, I stopped listening to popular music when I was 15, and most Mahler CDs are still without copy protection. Mind you, it’s well worth paying well for Classical (or any good) music, as you’ll want to encourage it’s production. As for the crap that’s marketed at 12 year olds today, I wouldn’t waste my bandwith on it, let alone my money! (And I have cable!) :d

Too bad they didn’t have any music I like :frowning: otherwise I would’ve gotten some :). Thats a really good idea, I hope they do really well.

Alright geezers ! Yep - dis seemz like a pretty good and fair idea 2 me. The lack of cancerous corporate greed and fat cat twatz is a breath of fresh air indeed ! Just fink - all (ungreedy) artists could make a pretty good livin’ by goin’ down this route - the web retailer iz happy and so-r-we - sweet ! Dis could be a kick in da bollox 4 da cheezy record industry wankaz ! Nice one ! Laterz … . :4

I gotta be blunt here :4 “Stick this in yer arse Hillary ya greedy skag”…:7