Free TaxCut Download

-Imports 2005 return from TurboTax
-Easy to use.

-Must enter information in order form.
-$25 extra for state return
-$16 for e-file by credit card or $41 deducted from return

I just used this and it worked pretty well and do not plan on using state program.

Just found one better, but it is online.

Pfft. Taxact beats both of them. Federal for free, state for a whopping $16. No need for ANY of the above programs.

Lots of free tax services:

Yeah, but most of those also take a significant portion of your return instead of the initial fee.

You have to be low income to receive free filing from e-file.

Thanks for the link Jest!

Yeah but if you live in a state where you have an income tax then you are going to have to cough up a fee for the state tax anyways. The other problem with most of the other “free” services is that they don’t offer all of the deductions that are available out there. Makes a pretty big difference with either how much you owe or how much you get back.

I just fill out the paper forms and use direct deposit for my return…It only takes about < 3 weeks. I’m in no hurry though.

I just finished mine tonight with tax act and the e-file a hell of alot less hassle than making 3 copies of everything and making sure that everything gets mailed off to the right place. Just print and sign one form and mail it in. Everything else takes care of itself.

I know that the IRS and the states make it easy to fill out returns online by using a text based pdf format, but with all the programmers employed by the civil service in the US, you would think they would just issue a free federal and state tax program along with free electronic filing. It’s ridiculous that 3rd parties are making money off of computer tax preparation, and worse yet, that the government sites redirect you to a 3rd party site for electronic filing.

I wonder how many of the web browsers on the computers of casual users are already compromised, and redirecting further compounds the problem. Knowing the dangers of malware, the IRS and state sites should probably recommend online scans before the average user enters this most sensitive of information (social security numbers, income, bank account and routing numbers, etc).

What’s your definition of low income, just out of curiousity? $52K a year is not even close to being low-income.

I am to chicken to use the TaxCut for my returns.

I don’t blame ya. I wouldn’t use them either given the other option available.

FWIW, for the past several years I have used TurboTax online for filing federal. It costs to e-file w/ them for the state return, but the state return is really easy, so I generally run the state return through them to see the numbers, then go to my state’s own free e-file website and do it manually there (only about 10 numbers to plug in).

Yeah. It turns out that most companies on the IRS list go by AGI of $52k, so your gross income could be even higher. That is kind of low for your average middle class family, and plenty high for single.