Free Substitute For WinRAR program?


My WinRAR finally locked up on me - either have to pay the $29 or uninstall-

I have uninstalled-

As it says above - is there a viable freeware substitute for WinRAR? - I have downloaded 7-zip - but first blushings don’t show ability to unzip and put into folder like WinRar allowed-

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated-



You can check out this list of Zip programs, all freeware. List should present itself with “Most Popular” on top. Unfortunately, can not make any suggestions from this list. I use PicoZip, a paid version with free life time updates.

There are several freeare zip programs. ZipGenius, SimplyZip, and Extract Now. you should be able to find them with a google search.

Although there are some not on the list, this is still a pretty good link, I suppose.
Hope it helps

I was thinking unrar was free,never used it or read about it though.

There are any number of freeware archivers most of which can open a rar archive. My personal favorite is IZArc but there are many others.

@ BigMike
…and btw, 7-zip does allow that.
Just select extract and it’ll do just what you’re asking for.

Yo DiiZzY-

Thanks for the tip-

Went back and looked - and woo hoo - you are right-eh!!

Nice small program that looks like it will do the deed-

Thanks for all the replies folks - appreciate it-eh!


Eh, my WinRAR never seems to expire, is that wrong?

I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. It’s just a bug in the software. I seen several programs that kept working after the 30 trail period was up.

Ah well, not my problem.

@ yo,

Got a very good & secure zip program that’s call SecureZip. You n anyone who is
interested let me know. I’ll send out the link to you all.

Hey “bigmike7”. You will like 7-Zip. I’ve used it for about a year now. Does everything you need easy!

IZarc is the best for me