FREE stuff from shop4tech 256 SD card 96 Cd Case

Heres how it works go here and sing up for google checkout and get $10 off $10 then goto shop4tech and click promotions link and every thing there is $11.11 Click buy and then use google checkout and add the code FB10 to knock off 10% makeing it free and free shipping and you can use the same credit card to make 5 google accounts as long as you use a new email address real or made up so that would be a totoal of 5 free items :slight_smile: and after you use that card just switch to another or use a gift card which is what i do you can buy them at walgreens

so far i got

5 256 sd cards
2 96 cd cases
1 razor phone battrey
1 50 pack photo gloss paper

all for free :bigsmile: