Free Sony Connect music at McDonalds - is it worth it?

I just posted the article Free Sony Connect music at McDonalds - is it worth it?.

GristyMcFisty used our news submit to tell us a reporter at the Inquirer decided to throw caution to the wind and dine at McDonalds. In a last minute decision when asked to…

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The entire article at the Inquirer is very good… but I think you forget to mention on the list of why this whole setup sucks, and might be a bizarre attempt to undermine online music… is that you have to eat their sh*tty food in order to get the “free” (as in software) music.

I’d like to make a commercial that promotes piracy (but in a legal round about way). I’m thinking if I setup a paypal page (or something else cause they get way too much money from each transaction) then take all the money and pay an outfit that makes commercials and get a few 30 second spots made as to why supporting legal downloads of music is a very bad idea, also perhaps some radio spots as well. Then just slip them in around the US to whoever will run them, also put them on the internet. With more info on a web page somewhere. Anyway just think of how cool it would be to see a TV personality talking about how easy it is to use P2P programs, and how hard it is to use the pay services, clueing in the public to the evils of DRM. Imaging a split screen with a legal download on one side of the screen and a pirate on the other side showing how much better it is to get the music in mp3 format and how you can use it anywhere without conversion. The radio spots could have out takes from customer support calls showing how you don’t ‘own’ the tracks you ‘buy’. …Hello this is itunes support how can I help you… Well I bought 3 songs and I want to sell 2 of them on ebay along with 5 CDs I own but I can’t figure out how to sell the tracks I bought from you what should I do? Or I just bought my first mp3 player for my car and I find out the 30 tracks I bought from the itunes store won’t work, I have to burn them to CD then rip the CD to mp3 files? They sound like crap after I do that, can you just sell me the music in a format I can use everywhere? Perhaps this could be a consumer education on DRM and not out and out piracy I don’t want the friendly folks at the FBI to kick in my door, and disappear me. I was surprised how few of the posters at CD freaks knew DRM was a ‘feature’ of every CPU from Intel / Transmeta / AMD (everyone who makes CPUs has DRM inside now) so I’m sure very few of the general public know about the coming lock down for all things digital. I’d like to know what you think about it.

THINK?.. wassat?.. YOu ask me to think… are you crazy… I’m just ya normal joe blow… why should I think when I gladly pay top dollar to corporations who should look out for my best interests and ensure I get the quality and value for which I am paying!.. After all… isn’t this America? Don’t we always look after our own first?.. isn’t this the freedom our children and brothers died for over so many different wars? If none of this is true and I am being sucked into pure sh*t… Then I ask myself… Why am I an american and to what principal am I truly being patriotic about… after all, If its not about freedom and standing together… then somebody please explain to me who I am!.. Please…

I downloaded one song from there, had to install yet another player, their DRM only to find out that the recording quality sucked. I don’t recommend that service.