Free software upgrades from Samsung



From February 2007 until July 2007, Samsung is offering free upgrades for Nero (from 6.6 Express to latest 7.x Essentials) and Cyberlink Power DVD for owners of recent Samsung drives. Both upgrades are Vista capable.

For details, including the list of drives that entitle to receive the upgrade, please see

In case of the Nero upgrade, Name, valid mail address and Nero serial number are required. Allow about one week for processing, you get a new serial number via Mail.

Credits belong to user GrrRon for having posted this information a couple of weeks ago.:bow:


P.S.: As this upgrade offer expires by end of July, this thread will be deleted then.


Thank you for the tipoff! I just purchased a Samsung SH-S182M drive two days ago.


Impressive move by Samsung. :iagree:

Thanks for the heads up. :flower:


Is Nero 7 worth the upgrade? I don’t plan on using Vista anytime soon, but Free is Free, if the software is good.


^ The jury seems to still be out about that. :wink: Lots of people say they still prefer v6 and that it has less bugs, but personally, for what I do, I like v7.


After only a few days of use, I returned my Samsung DVD writer to Best Buy the other day and went with an LG model instead. The Samsung couldn’t successfully burn a DVD-R video disc that my 2001 Panasonic DVD player could read–and in three years of burning DVDs, that’s something that has never happened before. It was decent media as well, the Taiyo-Yuden 8x variety…never a day’s worth of trouble from that media in the past.

Anyway, something good came of it. After seeing this post a few days back, I emailed Nero for a 7.0 upgrade serial #. They responded within a couple of days, and that serial # doesn’t require a Samsung drive installed to unlock the software…welcome news indeed, as the version of Nero 7 that came with the LG drive was incredibly stripped down in comparison.


Hm. As far as I remember, you have void your license as you returned the Samsung…


The license still works…and as long as it works, I have no qualms over using the software. Unlike most OEM software, Nero 7 Essentials doesn’t perform a drive check to see if a specific product is installed before running…it actually doesn’t care.

If Nero doesn’t want me to use it, they’re free to disable the serial number. I have the full, purchased edition of Nero Ultra Edition 6 anyway, all that 7 Essentials does is allow compatibility with Vista, which I use from time to time.


Thank You for the Info just got 183L from newegg