Free Software to make More Advanced DVD Menus?

Is there any Free software that will burn a dvd with more advanced menus? As in multiple sublevels? I’d like one with a wizard that set up the meuns if possible. I just need more freedom than nero offers in the menu setup.

You can take a look at this one:

ill check that out, but it appears to be more of a do it your self program. Does anyone else know of another program that might have a wizard to make advanced menus?

anyone? - not sure if it has multi-level menus - there used to be a guide for it at the other site

Best program I know for this is DVD Styler, it is simple to use you but also as advanced as you want to make it. You can even add background music to your menus. Plus it is free, it does not get better then that!.

Here’s is a good guide: