Free software that can test audio CDs for skips & errors

Is there a FREE program (not just a trial version) that can test an audio CD for skips & errors before I invest a lot of time ripping them? this would be very helpful, as I would know right away if my CD is bad, instead of discovering skips & pops after I have put it on my ipod, while listening to it. I tried a CD in test & copy in exact audio copy & followed the guide, but I am not sure how to interpret the results. It just shows the album as unknown title, with 16 tracks, with no pre emphasis, the read CRC, test CRC & CRC columns are blank.

I keep running across references to this program, but it looks a little confusing to use. Can it rip a CD at 192 CBR? I have done about 300+ albums in this using itunes with mostly good results until recently. I really dont have time to go back & re rip all these albums in some new format, I want to keep everything the same & consistent, & the most compatible, everyone says use VBR, but I read for maximum compatibility use CBR, especially with older stereo equipment, of which is all that I have in my house & cars. Only 2 cars have 1980, 1990s era cassette tape player decks, the others just have a 60’s 70’s era radios. I have a fairly good set of headphones with my ipod, ( JVC marshmallow brand) & the music so far sounds ok provided there are not skips. I am not an audio expert, I just wanted to get all my albums together onto a small portable player, & should I somehow lose all my cds, I will at lest have them all on a portable player.

I use CDEx to rip CDs. It will tell you after the rip how many errors were encountered.

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I´m sorry I can´t offer you any better suggestions than CDEX.

Other ripping freaks here may be able to help fine-tune your technique however…be patient