Free software aims to improve headphone sound quality



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A Dutch developer is working on software that tries to improve sound with headphones. The software intends to improve the sound quality of music when using headphones, according to the developer this results “in the sound experience as meant by the mixer”.

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Interesting… I wish this kind of technology could be applied on the fly, and I wonder how it would handle standard stereo streams. (Maybe something like Dolby Pro Logic could be applied to the stereo stream to fake a 4.1 audio source, if need be.)


I’ll bet with the processing capabilities of modern computers, I don’t see any reason why something like couldn’t be done in real time. If the source code were availible (I couldn’t find it, so I assume the software is non-FOSS), one could probably write a audio filter for mplayer (or mpv), which could be loaded with the –af-add headphone cli arguement (assuming that [B]headphone[/B] is the name of said audio filter).

I do wonder how well the audio actually does sound after processing. My experience with audio filters tends to be full of clipping.