Free sites to share my DVD videos

Hello guys:

I just “extracted” 3 videos from my prom night using DVDShrink (from a whole DVD) with different scenarios and would like to share them with my classmates.

They are approximately 3 900MB MPEG files.

Does anyone knows of a FREE service where I can upload these big files and share them with my friends so they can download them wherever they are?

Most free sites I have found restrict file sizes to 50MB or less.

Thanks and help is greatly appreciated,

I googled “Sending video via e-mail” & this one looked promising:

I’ve never tried it, but it says it can handle files up to 1 GB. (You would have to send them 1 @ a time.)
It also says it’s free.
You have to register a free? account & download a small peer-to-peer app.
Use at own risk.
Please let me & others here know if it works for you.
We could use something like this.

If you convert to Quicktime, WMV or flash, and reduce to web video resolution, they will be pretty close the the size you need for uploading to any of the available sites. If you want DVD quality, then burn DVDs and mail them.