Free & Simple Windows CD Copy Software?

I’m an old guy scraping by on Social Security, so I hate it when one of my favorite over-priced classical music CDs get’s a scratch on it and I have to replace it. So I prefer to make a copy of my favorites and then just play the copies, keeping the originals safely tucked away in a box in the closet.

Years ago I used Nero to back up my CDs. But it started putting popping sounds in the copies.

Then I tried using a combination of two free programs, a ripper and a burner, but they were so complicated to use, and I suffer periodic seizures that wipe out large chunks of my memory, so I’ve long since forgotten how to use those two programs

Is there a simple “one-button” CD copying program that would let me put my original CD in one drive and a CD-R in another drive and then just click “Back-up” and wait until I hear the signal that the job is done?

I’m not an audiophile, so a “reasonable facsimile” of the original audio recording will be more than adequate for me. Heck, I still listen to cassette copies of my LPs made on a drugstore grade cassette recorder and they sound just fine to my aging ears. :slight_smile:

Of course I’d prefer freeware, but considering that the cost of replacing just one rare out-of-print CD can be $20 or more (usually “or more”), buying a reliable user friendly program would repay me many times over.

I’m using an old hand-me-down PC running Windows XP that has two CD/DVD drives, one of which is a burner.

I’m afraid I don’t know of a reputable company with a 1-click cd copy program. But its not something I’ve looked into before.

If you want to try just one free program that isn’t too hard to use, you could try CDBurnerXP. It isn’t one click, but I hope you can use it.

Install CDBurnerXP and be careful not to “accept” the add-on they have put into the installer.

Put the cd you wish to copy in your rom drive and put the blank cd into your burner. Start CDBurnerXP and it will read the discs in the drives. You will get a window that looks like this following picture. Select Audio Disc. Click OK.

This is the next window you will get. Click on File–>Import From–>Audio CD. You’ll need to navigate to the audio cd in your rom drive, then the program will read the audio files and build a new cd for you.

It will take a few minutes for the drive to read and rip the files, then you can hit Burn. When you do that, one more window will come up where you set burning speed. Set it at 16x. You should only have to do this once, as the burning speed will be set for all subsequent burns. Click on Burn disc at the bottom of this little window and off you go. The drive will eject the disc when done.

All in all, that is about five clicks, maybe six with navigation. :slight_smile:

Maybe someone else will come up with a better solution for you, so stay tuned for more answers.

Just tested ImgBurn and it too can be used. (By the way, you can close the ‘Log’ window without affecting anything)

  1. From the opening screen choose ‘Create image file from disc’

  2. On the next screen check the ‘Add to write cue when done’ box and click the disc to file icon.

  3. After reading the disc the ‘Operation Successfully Completed’ Box pops up. Remove the original.

  4. From the ‘Mode’ menu pick ‘Write’. Check ‘Verify’ and set Write Speed. I like to use 16X because I’m not in a hurry.

  5. Stick in a blank and Click the ‘File to Disc’ icon.

  6. While it’s burning check the ‘Delete Image’ box. When it’s done burning, the tray will cycle, the disc will be verified and the ‘Operation Successfully Completed’ will once again pop-up! :flower:


Full fledged open source program,but with an as-easy-as-possible copy module.
It doesn’t do an on the fly copy copy for audio (which is always a bad idea!:iagree:),but uses a temp folder to store the clone temporary before writing to disc…however,the user won’t notice…
From the main screen select ‘copy’,choose source and destination and off you go…:bigsmile:

This is a payware software . CloneCD from slysoft . I bought it a long time ago bundled with other slysoft software It is muh higher now especially when purchased by itself. 55 Euros for a lifetime subscription.
It like most isn’t completely “One Button” automatic.
Simplest one I’ve use but I’m going to test INFRARECORDER later today.

Choose “Copy CD” from “File” pulldown.

Select the CD Reading drive ( The one that has the commercial CD in it). Select “Next”.

Select the type CD. What you want is an “Audio CD”.Select “Next”.

Follow the instructions in the image.Select “Next”.

Select the CD Writer ( The drive with the blank CD).

Select the type CD (Audio CD). Set the write speed at half of the CD’s rated speed.Select “OK”.

Processing window.

When this finishes it will eject both drives.
The blank is now a copy.

[QUOTE=cholla;2731795] but I’m going to test INFRARECORDER later today.[/QUOTE]

ON THIS PAGE you can find a portable version too,so you don’t have to clutter your system…:wink:

I tried Infrarecorder as a test, which successfully made an audio cd, but no cd text? The individual songs are numbered, but not with the names of the songs.

CDBurnerXP does support cd text, as does ImgBurn I think, if you enable it in the Write tab of Settings, but that may only work with cue files.

I tried the installer version of Infrarecorder because I got it before roadworker posted the link to the portable. When I tested it there was a conflict I think with my display driver.
What happened when I had it read the CD it did that correctly. Then when I tried to write it to an image file it showed a horizontal line on the display & the computer was froze. This required a hard shutdown. It did the same with an “on the fly” copy which it has a check box for. So I uninstalled Infrarecorder.
By then I had the portable. It also would read a CD correctly but wouldn’t let me go further than that . The button to go further remained grayed out.
I have plenty of software to rip & then burn a CD so I’m going to pass on Infrarecorder.
I usually rip a CD with EAC & burn with ImgBurn.

[QUOTE=Kerry56;2731812]I tried Infrarecorder as a test, which successfully made an audio cd, but no cd text? The individual songs are numbered, but not with the names of the songs.[/QUOTE]

This happened with the ‘copy disc’ option?:confused:

@cholla,strange problem there…:eek:
But EAC and IMGBurn are a great combo…so you’re covered for that task…:iagree:

Another good free option is AnyBurn. :slight_smile: Just click on the Copy disc button.

[QUOTE=philamber;2731874]Another good free option is AnyBurn. :slight_smile: Just click on the Copy disc button.[/QUOTE] Just for the fun of it, I just tried the portable version of AnyBurn to copy an audio CD, and it was very simple and worked without problems on my Windows 7 laptop.

My guess is that the big difference between different programs is how they handle CDs with reading problems.

Thanks a million, folks! I’ve been without a reliable Internet connection for the last three days (Thank you, Comcast!) so I only now received an email notice that there were replies to my query.

I’m especially grateful for those detailed step-by-step walk-throughs with all those screenshots. It reminds me of the old days when I first joined this group. Probably the most helpful forum on the entire web.

I’d love to take those programs for a test run right away but I’m going to be busy for the next couple of weeks getting ready for an apartment inspection. I’m afraid that I’ve become quite a hoarder over my seventy-plus years, and my landlady is sending the authorities in on the 28th, so I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Once that’s over with (and assuming I don’t get evicted in the process;) I’ll give those software suggestions a whirl.

I’ll let you know how it goes. In the meantime, if you don’t hear back from me by early August, don’t assume the worst. My memory is so poor that I sometimes can’t remember from one minute to the next what I’m doing. Getting old can be so entertaining at times. One benefit is that I can watch the same DVDs and read the same books over-and-over again and they’re new to me every time :slight_smile: