Free shipping code at Newegg for burners or whatever

Hey Doc have you cross flashed your Pio 111D yet? … and how about an update if you did. I’m going to do the same if it works ok.

No software, driver or [B]cable[/B] upgrades required.

I wonder who in the hell they think they are anyway

It’s due Friday afternoon so I haven’t crossflashed it yet. Kind of nervous about doing it as I’m a little uncertain about the instructions. The instructions for using the BQFlasher utility were very easy to understand so that was a snap.

I think ScoobieDoobie meant using the TDB Buffalo firmware here. You have to flash 8.19 and then 8.29. I have flashed 3 of them this way and all work great.

Thanks for the clarification. I thought that might have been what he meant.

[I]“Crossflash it to a 111L 1.29, it’s the same as Pioneer’s 1.29”[/I]

DonFM, Flashed the Pioneer 111D to a 111L 8.29 earlier this evening per the instructions in this link…

I think Scoobie meant to type 8.29 instead of 1.29 which kind of confused me at first. If you follow those steps in safe mode then it should work like a champ.

The only caveat so far is that CMC MAG M01 will only burn at 12x now instead of it’s rated 16x. Not a problem with me because I normally burn at slower than rated speeds for quality purposes anyway.

Thanks for the help Scoobie and jhtalisman. :bow:

Its the little stuff where shipping is as much or more than the item that you can really make out. Is this still good? I’m going to have to go see what little stuff I need.

Ripit, coupon should be good until Dec 10th.

Doc actually I just updated mine with the stock Pio 1.29 firmware. It came as a V1.23. I was kind of waiting to see how you made out with your cross flash first. I read a thread somewhere that after you use the 8.29 flash the speed control no longer works and that your drive spins up very fast and VERY noisily when reading DVDs. Several were complaining about the loudness that it was so loud when playing DVDs back it was really annoying and asking how they could reflash back to a 111D. Anyone hear the same thing? :eek:

I had read that about the noise. Haven’t really had a chance to experience it yet though. I’ll be putting it through it’s paces soon.

thanks Doc! I got a monochrome 1200x1200 laser printer :slight_smile: its a gift though :frowning:

Anyone able to use this coupon a second time? or would that require a second paypal address.

I have used it 3 times so you should be able to.

Ripit, coupon should be good until Dec 10th.
Looks like it is actually good through Dec 15th. :iagree: Here’s the link to the terms of this offer, , where it states:

Shop Newegg for the holidays and get free shipping when you pay with PayPal. No minimum purchase required, up to $20 in shipping value. Shop now

To qualify for this offer, purchases must meet the following requirements:

[li]Purchases must be made on[/li]> [li]Purchases must be paid for using the Paypal payment option.[/li]> [li]Offer starts 12/4/06 12:00a.m. PST for a limited time only up to 12/15/06 11:59 p.m. PST[/li]> [li]Limit up to $20 shipping value per transaction.[/li]> [li]Products shipped through AIT’s services are excluded from this offer.[/li]> [li]Automatic enrollment in Newegg newsletter subscription. By subscribing to our mailing list, you are acknowledging and agreeing to receive the newsletter and are agreeing to our privacy policy, which is found at[/li]> [li]Offer applies for standard 3 business day shipping only.[/li]> [/ol]Offer is limited only to US customers. PayPal account must be in good standing prior to and throughout the offer period to qualify. If you return any items from an order that received the free shipping offer, the original shipping savings associated with the returned item(s) will be automatically deducted from the refund amount.

I hope they are not adding the cost of shipping to the prices.

Nope, the 2 items I ordered with the free shipping deal actually have lower prices then they did a week ago.

Then this is an attractive deal congratulation.

Thanks for the info, just saved $16 bucks!!!

It ends the 15th, you guys better hurry!

This is the best deal of the season…I ordered lotsa stuff from newegg using this.

Did you guys get the free gifts from newegg? I liked the license plate holder :smiley:

I just ordered a dvd player with a DVI out. I haven’t seen to many of these and my tv has a DVI in but not a hdmi. At 34 bucks and no shipping I had to buy one. It would of been over 11 bucks to ship.

Must control self. Already placed 4 orders. No not need more cables. Please help me!