Free shipping code at Newegg for burners or whatever

Just wanted to share something I found on a bargain site…

At, pay via PayPal and apply coupon code “PAYPALFREE” to get free shipping (up to $20). That’s an average savings of $5 on most orders. Coupon expires December 10.

I just ordered a Pioneer DVR-111D OEM for $32, a Lite-On SHW-160P6S retail box for $30 and a generic USB 2 cable and indeed the shipping charges have been waived.

Many of their DVD burners are out of stock at this time but it seems the free shipping applies to pretty much anything they sell.

Also, the Norwood Micro is still available at CompUSA for $30 after a hefty $30 rebate. Many have reported that these are either rebadged BenQ 1640 or 1650 drives. I bought the Norwood DW-1650 model (model number is on back of box) and flashing it to an actual BenQ drive is a snap with the BQFlasher utility found on this site.

Also from a deal site, but I’d rather spend an extra couple of bucks and get it from Newegg because of their liberal return policy… offers the Pioneer DVR-111D 16x Dual Layer Internal DVD Burner for $43.99 with free shipping. Pay with Google Checkout then apply coupon code “HH10” to drop the total price to $29.59, the lowest we could find. This drive burns DVD+/-R media at 16x, DVD+/-R DL media at 8x, DVD+RW media at 8x, DVD-RW media at 6x, DVD-RAM media at 5x, CD-R media at 40x, and CD-RW media at 32x. Deal ends December 18.

That free shipping code is potentially a really nice deal, depending on what sort of things you’re ordering.

I bought one of the 111D’s from Shop4Tech a couple weeks back when it was $25.99 after Google Checkout. Not particularly impressed with it with the few burns I’ve done with it so far though, I know a lot of people think it’s possibly the best burner for burn quality out there right now but both my 1640 and 1670 have better burns with the few tests I’ve done.

That’s why I ordered one. I had read the same thing lurking through the posts on this site. It’s going to replace a fairly new NEC 3550A. Bought that one because of the reviews on Newegg but it was a mistake.

$26 is an excellent price for the 111D. :clap: I have an older Pio 105 that is long overdue for retirement. It still burns fine, but the scans don’t produce very impressive results. It’s been a real workhorse though.

I think people need to read the fine print on this deal, if you return something shipped free with the paypal deal they subtract the amount of shipping from your refund… Dunno about exchanges. I think that’s what it said, just a FYI.

Ridata 50 packs of CD-Rs for $4.99. Assuming they’re Ritek, that’s a good deal. Despite the headaches of their DVD media lately, their CD-R media has a good reputation by most (and mine have worked well but then I rarely have issue with any CD-R media). Verbatim Blue Ray disc for $12.99, I think that’d be the cheapest deal for one of those I’ve seen but then if you have a drive already then you’re probably not on here looking for bargains on the media…

Microcenter has Ridata CD-R for the same price, but if you buy 2 spindles, $8 for 2 spindles, it is decent media for everyday use. For Blu-Ray, thats a good deal, and all brands of Blu-Ray Media are MIJ, even the crappy Memorex

This free shipping deal is great if you’ve been eying something bigger like a new monitor or printer for sure.


Can anyone recommend the Best SATA cables from newegg? With free shipping I want to grab a few :slight_smile:


The free shipping doesn’t work for me, maybe expired? :confused:

MegaDETH, I think SATA cables are pretty much the same. I’d go with cheaper price and volume discount such as this one:

Order 4 you will got a volume and shipping discount and more if you order 8 or more. Hope the shipping coupon works for you!

Thanks Zevi.

I did get the free shipping after adding the “PAYPALFREE” Promo Code.

4 SATA cables for $9.16 shipped

This is great! I got 5 Sata II cables and 2 (x2) Sata power cables for $12. Thanks a lot dude!!

I like to find their volume deals like this where 8 items is the same price as 3 or 4

Nice idea, will keep in mind henceforth… for this one product description is

GENERIC 18" 2-Head Red SATA (SERIAL ATA [B]150[/B]) Cable Model SERIAL ATA 18 - OEM

All the new drives I got are SATA II except one. But I wonder if there are any standards for the SATA cable. I am not sure, so I went in for the SATA II cables.

Still have to buy some drive rails (or racks) to hold em - any suggestions on where you get these? :doh:

You have to select UPS Ground /3 day option as shipping option.

And some items still seem to be excluded (e.g. I tried to get an 11 outlet APC surge suppressor and shipping charges keep showing up)

Did you add the code? “PAYPALFREE”

Just bought a Pioneer 111D burner from Newegg and thanks for the heads up about the free shipping. It worked like a champ.

Just made a second order for a few fans, cables and misc items where the shipping charges are as much or more than the items.

Should receive the Pio 111D from the first order tomorrow or Friday. Looking forward to testing it out. Any suggestions on which firmware to use?

Crossflash it to a 111L 1.29, it’s the same as Pioneer’s 1.29 + bitsetting, DVD-RAM writing, disc T@2/Labelflash.

Thanks. I’ll do a search for some instructions.