Free sample video footages/movies for DVD+R DL bitsetting test?

@Nixa_mk and me want to know, how a DVR-107, whixh originally does not support DVD recordables with dual layer while still supporting +RW SL, reacts to a DVD+R DL with DVD-ROM bitsetting.
Wasting the DVD+R DL (Xlynq/xLyne) would be a pity.

But alternatively, I could first burn a movie onto the +R DL, then I could open a new session with boot disc.

Sorry mate, but you have to sacrifice that DVD DL in the name of science :smile:

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I will not finalize it anyways.
I will probably burn a Linux boot disc on the remaining space, in a next session.

I will make sure that on the first burn, the bitsetting is DVD-ROM.

Be aware that some (if not most) DVD players won’t play disc that are not finalized.

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Unfinalized DISCS worked with all my devices, even with MP3 Boombox JVC RC-EX30 from 2004.

The discs that do not work with all devices are the ones with open SESSIONS. I think that there is huge confusion in that case.

On DVD-R and CD-R, the DV-RW250 which has a DVR-R07 (DVR-107 for DVD recorders) indicates β€œDVD-R” and β€œCD-R”, if the inserted disc is unfinalized or blank. For finalized discs, it just indicates CD and DVD normally.

I have now burned the disc. I hope that it will work.

Unfortunately, it did not work.
But it could work with increased potentiometer value.