Free RecordNow Max 4.5. Not Warez, not Cracked

Does anybody want the latest RecordNow MAX and doesn’t like to find it in kazaa or in warez sites? Follow these instructions:

  1. download the latest update from Stomp Inc
  2. Start the update. The updater will say that it can’t find a valid version of RecordNow Max for updating. Don’t press for now cancel and don’t worry…
  3. Go to the temp folder of Windows and find the temp files created there by the installer. Copy them to a new folder.
  4. Cancel the update and go to the files you just copied.
  5. Instead of running setup.exe, run the MyCDPro.msi file.

Thats it a full working version of RecordNow Max for you :wink:

It’s a full version, yes, but I doubt that it is a legal full version…