Free PS3 jailbreak hack possible, but not yet promised

Free PS3 jailbreak hack possible, but not yet promised.

[newsimage][/newsimage]PS3Hax Network forum members are claiming that it is only a matter of time before a free alternative to the PSJailbreak USB device is released to allow users to hack their Playstation 3 console.

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Sony shot themselves in the feet…
They removed the OtherOs option to prevent PS3 hacks…look where they stand now…they pissed of the ‘real’ nerds and got them working together to kick Sony’s butt.
Their console was unhackable for a few years,but it’s quite a coincidence that only a few months after they took away some of the console’s initial/touted features,the hacking community came with a solution to play backups.
Besides that,if I buy something ,it should be legally mine,which means that I can do as I please with MY property,as long as it’s not used for illegal purpose.
Here,we have the right to backup our stuff for personal use,as long as we own the original,and we pay extra taxes for empty media to compensate.
How the hell may Sony decide in MY place,the legal owner of the console,how it can and may be used,if I’m staying within the law of my country?

+1 for you this is kind of off topic but now when you jailbreak the iphone it is NOT illegal!!! i think this should be the same for all electronics wether it be hacking, jailreaking or what ever you want to call it.