Free PS disc template for Epson Artisan 810



I got somewhat annoyed at folks selling Photoshop templates for disc printing for the Epson Artisan on eBay for $10. That just ain’t right.

I put together one this afternoon. It may work on other Epson Artisan printers (e.g. Artisan 50, 700, 710, 800) but it has been tested only on an Artisan 810. YMMV. It includes enough to conveniently make small adjustments for disc diameter and it also has a calibration target for alignment. If you know how to use Photoshop, this will not be a mystery.

This is all my own work. I take no responsibility for any damage that might occur if you use this free file, etc. etc.

Here’s the link:



You rock for this! Wow, saved me a ton of time, thank you!!! I can confirm it works on my Artisan 800 perfectly. No need to calibrate, it was spot on! Thanks so much.


This is a good and accurate template. Tks!
This is the first time I’ve use anything besides ‘Epson CD Print’ for designing. Just printed my first DVD using Photoshop CS6. Alignment was perfect but the ink was a little heavy and therefore not super crisp. What setting would your recommend for this? Epson’s dialog box only refers to type of paper, not CD/DVD. What about setting photoshop layer to 90% opacity?


Steve221 - glad you could use the template. I use it all the time.

The type of surface on your inkjet-printable CD/DVD determines the settings. If you are using a normal surface (i.e. flat finish), use the settings shown in the first attache picture (source: CD/DVD. type: CD/DVD).

If you are using a glossy, “water shield” water-resistant medium, use the settings show in the second attached picture (source: CD/DVD, type: CD/DVD Premium Surface). This yields an astonishing result - very high quality.

Anyone know where to get DVD-R media with water shield surface at a good price?



I didn’t notice ‘type: CD/DVD’ until after I posted. This seemed to help.
I couldn’t figure out where on the ‘paper’ corresponds to the center of the DVD to make my own template. I won’t even bother now. Yours works great.


I don’t mean to bring back a “dead” thread, but I just wanted to thank you for this template. I’d be totally lost without it, since I had someone design my CD artwork in Photoshop and had no idea how to translate it to my Epson printer. Must have taken you a while, so just wanted to take the time to properly thank you!

Also just tossing out there that I have an Artisan 725, and the template still works like gold.


I’m really happy to have helped you. Hundreds have downloaded this. It continues to be very useful.


Sorry guys, it’s me again. My last printer (the Artisan 725 mentioned above) died about a year ago. I purchased an Epson XP-610 to replace it. I figured I was going to have to try to realign this template to get it to print on CD’s properly, and was planning on wasting a day doing it…but I didn’t. Printed perfectly the first time.

So my thought is that this template will probably work with just about any modern Epson printer. Even if you don’t have an Artisan at all, give it a go! This is really turning out to be a versatile little template!


I’m using a Mac. I have the template and I’m ready to print (Thanks! for the template by the way!!) In my print dialogue, I do not see a CD/DVD option. I’ve never installed the Epson Print CD software, could this be the reason? I thought it was just an optional design software, but perhaps it has the CD printing drivers? If there’s another solution, I’d like to know. I really don’t want to install more Epson software if I don’t need it.


I’m pretty sure that you have to use Epson drivers to access the CD/DVD print function in the Epson printer. I cannot see how it would work otherwise. Sorry…


Actually I just figured it out. NO need for the Epson Print CD software. On a Mac in the Print dialogue, show details and change the paper size from US letter to A4. Also change view from Layout to Print Settings. Next, change the Media Type to CD/DVD. With that, your template worked perfectly on the first try! Thanks.