Free private folder sync utility BitTorrent Sync goes public



I just posted the article Free private folder sync utility BitTorrent Sync goes public.

BitTorrent publicly releases its BitTorrent Sync utility, which works like Dropbox and the competition but does not depend on a third party cloud host and only the user and whoever the user is sharing with has access to the shared files.

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I’m testing this right now on several laptops.

So far so good. It’s quite fast as well.

The only thing that annoys me is that i can’t choose my own secret keys during the setup. They have to be generated by the application first. Then i can change them into my own keys.


With technology like this, cloud storage services such as Sky Drive and Rapid Share may not be necessary for a large number of people. Of course, they may still find uses as short-term backup (or long-term for the mindless people who fail to realize how much money could be saved by simply purchasing HD’s).


TSJ, that’s what we do. We have our own ‘room’ on a P2P and can accomplish everything that way. Of course, we use Google Calendar too, but Google Drive (like MS’s SkyDrive) has administration questions that can only be answered after-the-fact, and none will be to the consumer’s benefit - they’ll only benefit themselves first and foremost. P2Ps (or Torrent like) give us speed, content and a security that we’re comfortable with.