Free photo editor

I’m looking for a basic free photo editor. I don’t need all the fancy stuff. Ihad photoshop but it is to much to learn, picasa wants to mess up my albums. I just want to take out redeye and do a little cropping. I don’t want a program that wants to organize my photos, i want to do that myself.

You can use the one included in Windows, i.e. MS-Paint, or there is a free editor named Paint .NET.

i recommend faststone image viewer , its feature rich , got sleek interface , and its freeware

Thanks geno and easter bunny i will be trying them both to see which i like best

IrFanView is my fave for cropping and manipulating.

You may also try Photofilter free…

Google [B]Picasa [/B] :slight_smile:

Photofilter is actually Photofiltre - French origins. - good quick description and screeny of it on Snapfiles.

It has some hidden depths, shapes can be made using a shape selection, then applying line & fill, a dew other things are a little counterintuitive, but the freeware version is a decent (but non-layers) editor with no bad habits - can even be made portable

Serif Photoplus free does have some bad habits, or maybe some good ones?

It DOES have an ad component, though strictly for Serif upgraded & offers.
Even the free version needs to be registered, and re-registered if re-installed (activation!).
You WILL receive marketing from Serif (software) and their gadget shop, Gizoo, though in many cases, you can stay one version behind, very cheaply.

Serif do not compare well in that respect, to the “greenware” approach of Photofiltre free - no nonsense freeware

here is an opensource ajax based image editor :

it is free and no software installation required.