Free Partition Manager 2005

registration near the bottom of the page


Paragon Drive Copy 8 Personal SE


I already have Acronis True Image 9.0 and really like it, so I won’t be using the one you have here, but I’m not currently have a partition manager running, and seem to remember good things being said about Paragon software, so I downloaded it and did the registration. Was able to use my yahoo account (Which I use for anything I think may create any kind of spam as a result.) Awesome find Bjproc! :slight_smile: Thank you!

Does anyone have any experiance with this partition manager? Comments?


I like this partition manager much better than Partion Magic - it doesn’t crash like PM does. But I have not tried the 2005 version - just 5.5.

BTW, thank you VERY much for posting this - I really do appreciate it.

It did not post to my HOTMAIL email, but when I specified my GMAIL email, it sent the serial numbers just fine for both products.

BTW, it seems that the Partition Manager comes with a DOS version too. In the DOSPM folder under the Paragon install, you just unpack it with that PACK util there. I just double-clicked on the pack thing and it made the PM for DOS and included a small mouse driver. :slight_smile:

Yeah, it don’t fit on one floppy, but I could make a bootable CD.

Good deals. Downloaded. Exact Image 7 is available too


WOW!!! - what a good bunch of free stuff-

Thanks for the info [B]bjproc[/B]-eh!!

Links? Please? I’m LOVING this free software stuff.

Paragon Partition Manager 5.5 is what I’ve used in place of Partition Magic 7 and 8, and it seems to be more stable and doesn’t cause data loss, which sometimes seems to happen with Partition Magic 7 and 8.

It has a DOS boot floppy maker thing like Partition Magic does, so you can boot via floppy and partition from DOS.

It appears this 2005 version is really version 6.x, and they are up to 8.x now, so it is pretty darn cool of them to make it free.

Major kudos to these companies, and the folks who post about the free stuff. Thanks

Yo BK-

Follow bjproc’s link above and all the other stuff is on the left hand side in blue print-eh!

Thanks much - so that makes 3 of 'em!

Their product line does seem to have some redundency/overlap. But if I can figure, Exact Image 7 SE is more like Norton Ghost than the Drive Copy stuff is, right?

Yo BK-

I’m an Acronis man and havenot used Norton bloatware for years - so I honestly do not know the answer-eh!

Norton Ghost 2003 was the last true Norton Ghost. I use the Ghost for DOS file, so not much bloat there.

I have a 20 gig partition for Windows and when I backup, I do a:

Local > Partition > To Image

and when I want to restore I do a:

Local > Partition > From Image

and it works like a charm.

I guess once I find something, I stick with it. But it is fun to get new, free software. That way the tinkering is guilt free. :slight_smile:

Erm…this might sound stupid, but is it possible to clone the hard disk to DVDs?

I think so, but have not tried for certain.

I GHOST to my D: drive and then burn the ghost files to DVD from within Windows.

I’ll have to start looking into it.

Back when I was in IT we used to setup our Thinkpads with fresh sofware installs (with drivers, Office, etc.) then Ghost them to an image file and burn that image file to CD. Then we could boot to a floppy DOS floppy with Ghost and use that CD with the Thinkpad’s built-in CD-ROM drive.

The reason we didn’t just Ghost the images up to a server was because Thinkpads were notorious for using different ethernet NICs (typical of IBM) so it was just easier to burn a Ghost image to CD than to create multiple bootable floppies with the correct ethernet drivers. Also we didn’t have to be on site to do a fresh load this way.

The reason I do the image to the hard drive is that it is FASTER, and more reliable to burn it in Windows (burnproof support, etc. may not work under DOS), and I can set the volume label to what I want it to be when I do burn the disk.

I leave the GHOST files on the hard drive for faster retrieval and also so I can extract files individually with Ghost Explorer.

Thank you for the links Bjproc.

How long did it take you to recieve the serials. Curious

Mine: about 5 mins with a Yahoo email address. There are declared problems with AOL accounts and hotmail seem to be a bit unreliable by some reports.

Just got mine. Also had to use my yahoo email as the hotmail nor my regular account address worked. Thanks for the reply.

Yep - would not work at all on hotmail, had to do Gmail. Still, free is a VERY good price.