Free (or very cheap) CD Ripping Software

Howdy All,

I’m looking for a CD Ripping software that is either free (no adware or constant internet access), or rather inexpensive.

I would need it to rip to low bit rates, probably down as low as 32 Kbps.

Thanks for your time and attention!


ExactAudioCopy with the LAME MP3 encoder should fit your requirements.

Thanks DrageMester,

The EAC does try to access the internet?

Also, (i’m a noob) why do I need the ‘LAME MP3’ encoder? or is that part of EAC?

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The EAC does try to access the internet?[/quote]depending on your settings (exactrip or CDDB/FreeDB query) internet access will happen. But it won’t crash if there is no internet connection.

Also, (i’m a noob) why do I need the ‘LAME MP3’ encoder? or is that part of EAC?
If you want to rip your audio to MP3, then you need an encoder. Since it does not come with EAC, it has to be installed additionally.

You might also have a look at CDex - this one comes with LAME integrated.


Thanks for the info!

I really appreciate it!

Unless you have no other choice, MP3 is not the best option at low bitrate, and LAME is regarded for its high bitrate perfomance, rather than low.

EAC can interface with most command line encoders generically, so it may be possible to use the Fraunofer encoder.

If MP3Pro is an option, maybe look at that one as well.

EAC is probably the best when configured correctly, but it can be a little confusing if you’ve never used it before.

If you’d like something a little more user friendly and still able to do secure rips. Try dbpoweramp

Has dbpoweramp improved over the years?..I thought it was a dog when I first used it about 5 years ago and greatly preferred CdEx prior to finding EAC.