Free Opera v8.02 Browser

Found this today Opera has its 10-year online anniversary party the interresting part is you’ll get a registration code for any OS for free simply use the link posted, sounds like a good deal :slight_smile:

p.s. You can use any email adress no need puting in a legit one a new window will pop up with keys.

Happy birthday Opera! :clap: :flower:

Thanks for sharing the info although I already registered (I wanted to post this as well :bigsmile: )

OOooh free is good! I’ve never tried Opera…

if its free . i will get mine :smiley:
w00t w00t

Baner Away :slight_smile:

I used to use opera all the time (best interface ever). For some reason it started having problems with crashing though so I use firefox now. I might have to give it another try though. I always liked opera the best.

Free Opera v8.02 Browser

1 day only hurry hurry hurry

bad example moderator :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think it’s the best browser and use it both in Windows and Linux. No matter what you like, it’s really easy to try and won’t mess-up your system by installing and perhaps removing it. So it is really worth a quick download.

Just installed it. Verrryy nice, it can talk!!!


perhaps we should merge these two threads?

wow use opera 8.5 because there is no more ads in the browser itself.

you can get version 9.0 through softpedia. I don’t know why its not offered via

One thing I don’t like about opera is that it likes to ‘phone home’ everytime its opened. It may just try to find any new updates, or maybe share some other info with home. Peerguardian is able to block it, but since peerguardian even lists those IP addresses they could be spyware related, since there is no ad-aware with opera.