Free Opera Registration Code

Opera is celebrating it’s 10th anniversary with a party.
For the duration of the party they are giving away free registration codes for the Opera browser for ALL platforms (Operation Systems).

Just go to their web site and follow the party links.

Be forewarned that their servers are extremely slow, so you must be patient and wait for the pages to load.

Heh its pretty cool! Funny thing though, I didnt get through to Operas website using Opera but I did using Firefox… Twice! Might be my more aggressive pipelining and timout settings in Firefox.

it’s such a crap browser they HAVE to give it away

thanks Nem;
out of curiousity and b/c it’s free - I’m going test it out
Servers are as slow as dripping poop in the winter though…

must 1st d/l Browser package and install to use Help -> Registration :slight_smile:
… must boot into linux to use that code for linux ?

Thankx for the notice! I have been using Opera for over 4 years now and I am very happy with it. Opera works with most sites, is pretty fast and the mouse gestures work out great. Good action!

Opera :)… i love it ;]

but free reg… ended =/ cuz i got free key :slight_smile:
if some1 need Orginal Opera 8 key because he didnt reg when it was free i got 7 or more … because i get more to give friends :slight_smile:

just PM me^

can i get the registration code for opera browser for my nokia 6630…?

Uhh… isn’t Opera free now?

maybe not for mobile - too lazy to check

Mate. you’re spot on
John :smiley:

IMHO Opera is the best browser around :slight_smile: FireFox has (and needs) more extensions, but FF is too slow on my PIII computer… :slight_smile: