Free Online Stuff- Looking for Conga Line Recommendations (Not Referrals)

You’ve all seen the free offers online for ipods, LCD TVs, game systems, etc. This is probably old news to most of you, but I was just introduced to the concept of an online ‘conga line’ that organizes strangers together to get referrals quicker. I was a bit slow off the draw on these deals, but now that the mainstream media has looked into it and pronounced these offers safe for the masses, it looks like a pretty good deal.

Problem is, now that the initial wave of enthusiasm has passed, most of the conga lines are dormant and the purpose-built message boards look like ghost towns. The CDF community is large and diverse enough that I figure at least a few people have gone down this road before.

Bottom line: I’d appreciate any recommendations anyone could provide regarding reputable and active conga lines for these offers.

Thanks all.


I’m trying very hard to skirt the issue of referral links and such. If you feel this thread topic is still verboten, than I would completely understand any administrative editing or outright deleting that needs to take place.

I have no problem with this thread, as long as people do not post links that includes referral IDs. Such ID’s will be edited out to comply with our forum rules (including signatures).