Free online music blamed for weak sales

I just posted the article Free online music blamed for weak sales.

According to IFPI free online music really damaged the sales of “official” music. Although album sales are getting higher and overall music sales in Europe are rising the total picture ain’t that…

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Singles??? who buys singles anyways?

Well DJ’s do… euhh some DJ’s I meant :slight_smile:

Singles were always doomed to dye. At the end of the day, having to pay £4 for a single song is just completely overpriced. And although we are being ripped off at that price, in some way it’s not the music industries fault. It costs just as much to produce, to deliver and to store a single as it does a full album. The only difference is we get only one song for our money. Singles aren’t a viable product and so as soon as something that was a more reasonable option came out it was bound to take over. Songs over the internet are exactly that.

NAPSTER :wink:

Singles used to be OK (in the UK at least) until the record industry limited them to only 3 tracks in order to qualify for the charts. That means for £4 you get a radio edit, a full length version and if your lucky a crappy b-side. What a bargain :wink: