Free Online MP3 Storage?

Last month a neighbor gave me a set of 5 home recorded cassettes of Christmas music that she received from someone she dated two or three decades ago.

There’s one track that I’d like to try to find on a CD, but my Google searches haven’t been able to turn it up.

I’ve copied the track from the cassette to an MP3 file on my computer, using Audacity. And now I’d like to upload an excerpt of it to a free online storage service. Then I’ll post queries in online music forums and include a link to the excerpt to see if anyone can identify the performers.

I’d be grateful for a recommendation of a free online storage service that’s reliable and reputable. I don’t need much storage spaced at all, just enough for a sample of this MP3. But I don’t want to post a link to a service that may cause mischief on the computers of the folks who follow my link to listen to the excerpt.

Perhaps is an option for you. Please read the documentation (ToS, FAQ etc) on their website to decide if this meets your demands.


Ask your friends that have a Verizon serviced smart phone

Most have a bundled app that will automatically identify music

It doesn’t always work, but…


WinAmp also has the music identification thing. They call theirs ‘Auto-Tag’ and it links to GraceNote, probably the biggest music database.

One other good song identifying utility is Tunatic. Just place a microphone in front of the speaker playing the tune and usually it’ll identify it within ~10 seconds if it has the song. It works pretty well, as I had a very crackly recording of a song and it identified it.

If you would like to post the short sample on this forum, just put it in a zip file and attach it to your post. To anyone who wishes to listen to it, they just open the attachment and play the MP3 inside. Quite simple. :slight_smile: For other forums (outside of MyCE), you will need to check what attachments they allow.

Unfortunately, pretty much all file hosting services don’t allow hosting of MP3s, mainly due to copyright issues. Those that do will probably have some annoying advertisement/capcha process one needs to go through before they can play the tune, so not really worth the hassle.

I haven’t used any online storage sites so I can’t help with that.
Maybe Seán knows if there is another music format other than .mp3 they will allow.
I created a couple of zip files to show Clueless in Seattle what is possible to post.
I trimed a section with Audacity.
Then use 7-Zip to create the .zip files.
@ 128kbps i was able to get 12.7 seconds
@ 48kbps I was able to get 34.2 seconds.
The second is not anything I would archive but an acceptable sample for a forum. You might be able to go even lower & members could still listen.I didn’t try. (193 KB) (188 KB)

Thanks guys, for tipping me off to those song recognition apps!

I don’t think I’ve created a zip file since my MS-DOS days so it might take me some head scratching to figure out how to do it.

But I do have an old version WinZip and figure it should be able to do it for me.

What size excerpt file should I shoot for?

The max .zip attachment allowed in a forum post is 195.3kb.
So about that size since the .mp3 is already pretty compressed.
I used Audacity to create the lower quality 48kbps clip so it would play for more seconds. That gives a better opportunity to identify the song.
WinZip should work.
I did a test with Tunatic.
A hint wait till an identifiable part of the song for more accurate results.
It was able to identify Hells Bells by AC/DC but not Lungs by Townes Van Zandt.
Those were all I tested.
I was able to use a headphone set for the microphone.
I have a microphone but this is good if you don’t.

[QUOTE=cholla;2569992]The max .zip attachment allowed in a forum post is 195.3kb.

  1. About how many seconds will that allow me to include in my excerpt at 48 kbps?

I used Audacity to create the lower quality 48kbps clip

  1. How do I tell Audacity to export at 48 Kbps instead of 128 kbps?

  2. Since an MP3 is already compressed, may I just upload it as is, or must I got through the additional step of converting it to a zip file?

  3. WinZip wants me to create something called an “archive.” All I want to do is convert an MP3 into a zip file. What the heck is an “archive”?

  1. As I posted the 48kbps file was 34.2 seconds . Keep in mind this can vary because the amount of data in one song differs from another song. So you make need to Export the file & check the size. It’s pretty fast at this small size. So a couple of attempts are easy.
  2. Select File/Export

You will also need to select a portion of your .mp3 & TRIM it.

3.Yes because there isn’t an option in Manage Attachments to post a .mp3
4. I usually use 7-Zip for it I select " Add to Archive" . I have WinZip on my older computer but I don’t remember the exact procedure since It’s been a while since I used it.
I can start it & have a look if you need me too.

OK, here’s the excerpt.

Actually it’s two excerpts spliced together, to get snippets from all three songs of the medley, “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen,” “The First Noel,” and “Good Christian Men, Rejoice.”

Good Christain Men Rejoice Brass Medley Excerpt (172 KB)

It took me a bit to get the .zip file open . I usually don’t have a problem but Vista’s own unzipping didn’t work & neither did 7-Zip. StuffIt did.
Being instrumentals I’m sure not the one to identify the music .Even with 30 seconds of each song I don’t know that the programs like Tunatic could.
I think you’re going to need an audiophile for this.
You probably do need to upload it somewhere for the right people to listen to it.