Free Office XP demo cd



I just posted the article Free Office XP demo cd.

It seems like Microsoft is giving away free Windows XP (Developer) trial cd’s. U can go to the website and log in as ‘guest’.

What You’ll Get With This…

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I have the Dutch, English, French and German version of OfficeXP Trial, sent by Microsoft a while ago. The cracked mso.dll, done by UCF, works on these trials too!


haha sounds kewl :4


Ey Tafkap, Where can i find the cracked mso.dll?? I need it for OfficeXP 3cd… :slight_smile:


search and you will find


I downloaded the Full English Version with Autorun 1 month ago :wink:


If you can get the full version complete with cd key on eDonkey, why bother with a trial version?


hey phrozeman, I got a cracker, um, privatemessage me at the forum to “DanDaMan1487” and I’ll send it to ya. Cracks mso.dll and it works with ANY version. Even worked on my Word 2002 that came by itself.



Exist some patch for Office XP Czech Trial version?


need a cracker for Word 2002.