Free Nero Digital version available in April



I just posted the article Free Nero Digital version available in April.

reports that Nero will release a free version of Nero Digital in April. Nero
Digital is Nero’s MPEG-4 solution that is able to compete with the likes of
Windows Media, DivX and…

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When this came out I asked a question on the subject at the fé³rum due to this reference to Nero Digital Pro product. Will it be a standalone product? Will we get all the facilities and updates as Nero full package licence holders? If you have further clues you can go to: and share your info, pls+


SCREW NERO ! It SUCKS! Having wasted my bloody money on this sucky product I have ran some tests using Phillips DVD verifier and found that when using the shitty NERO to create a DVD, the DVD verifier reported tons of errors and compliancy ,whereas using other programs reported as much as a fraction of the errors. NERO SUCKS MAJOR ASS and the quality of their codec and software equally bloody sucks !


LOL get a life loser


nero should give the nd codec as it is but they prefer to bundle it with nerorecode well its their funeral :d


Do we really need yet another codec, this one offers nothing above the ones that are already available. Xvid and Divx are fine, even wmv is ok. I like nero Burning Rom but some of the other apps are kinda of disappointing, although NeroVision Express is ok for making VCD or SVCD, DVD’s picture and home video. The total Nero package is annoying because they make you buy so many licenses.


At least if NERO’s picture quality and DVD quality from pictures and conversion was HALF decent, sure…But face it, I’ve used Ulead, Sonic, Nero and others and I must say NERO was the noisiest of all the fucking codecs I tried, what an overpriced piece of SHIT, I can’t believe people even support those motherfuckers when you have software made by Gear which is by far better than any of the NERO CRAP.


hahaha so nd codec is crap LOL i pity the losers who dont know how to encode goodnight ignorant kids


Dear Rimmer66, I’ve noticed that your postings always seem to be crude and inflammatory. Have you ever heard the axiom, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”? And I was wondering, since you call yourself “Rimmer66”, does that mean you were born in 1966 and enjoy licking buttholes? P.S. Notice the polite and subtle way I just flamed you without a single profanity? Ahh, refreshing! :g