Free Nero Digital Version Available in April

yesterday posted this title, that you can reach at


It says the free download will include 3 parts with the “CE” extension and cut functions (Nero Recode 2 CE, Nero Showtime 2 CE and Nero MediaHome CE) and the news end with the indication that after a “trial” period and if the user wants the full set of facilities it has to upgrade to “Nero Digital Pro”.

And this is the point: What is Nero Digital Pro?
Will Ahead stop considering Nero Digital as a part of the package? Will we have a separate “Pro” version of Nero Digital, i.e. Nero Recode 2 will have two flavours?

It would be interesting to listen from Nero about this.
Does anyone have any further clue, pls?

I think that the pro version will include all the known Nero Digital functions while the CE version will offer limited functionality.

Yes, thats clear.
Maybe I didn’t make it clear from my side, but my doubt is: nowadays we get an integrated package as Nero Reloaded and as far as I know there is nothing called Nero Digital Pro being marketed.
In the future, will Nero package keep being updated for these components or will we have a separate “Pro” versions with extended facilities when compared to the Reloaded package not just with the free time and facilities limited one?