Free NERO Burning Software

Can someone be so kind as to inform me where I may get a free version of NERO burning software. I am trying to burn DVDs and I already have DVD Shrink.

All help is appreciated.

you can download a 30 day trail version here

could also try deepburner. it doesn’t integrate with dvdshrink, but itz free

There are lot’s of free DVD Burning Software just look for some with google , you can also try using 'Burn 4 Free" from here
any way why use Nero it’s a load of rubbish, the only thing it’s good for is making coasters, :slight_smile:

come on now, I have had maybe hmmmm…ZERO coasters in the last 200 burns or so using Nero, maybe you didn’t take the time to learn to use the program?

Yes I agree with you nmpaulcp I also used Nero for years, I think it was version 3 something I started using it and back then it was King of CD burning no other program could come near it and it is still very good for burning CD’s still has a few Bug but with CD’s it’s not to bad, but I think when they started adding DVD support to Nero they tried to add to many features to it and ended up with a lot of Bugs in it. it’s the new users that are having all the problems and the coasters with it.

True, I did have problems till I read “G@meFre@ks guide to setting up a dvd compilation with Nero” and started using his NRC. I stuck with and get excellent results with it.

I use nero without any real complaints, dvd playback issues have popped up, but thse are a matter more of crap media and a crabby samsung set top player. Still getting used to, but any burn issues I’m having I think ismore a matter of technique and media than anything else…:slight_smile:

I have previously wasted over 30 DVDs on my home computer using DVD Shrink, NERO 6 and a “new” burner installed by a friend. It is a Pioneer. The office computer now has a NEC 2500 external burner. So using the DVD Shrink and a NERO 6 burning software (which it does not have at the moment), I am hoping all will be fine and not end up with another 30 DVDs. I still cannot work out exactly what was the core problem with the home situation, software or hardware?

If all else is setup and working correctly media is the usual suspect.

Can you get any backed up DVD’s to play on your stand alone player, as this may be the culprit not the burning issue(have a look here,) do the discs play at all with your PC? Also what exact version of nero are you using as some of the earlier version’s of nero 6 are very buggy.
Another thing to try is when DVD shrink has ripped to your h/d try playing the files with PowerDVD or similiar and see if you can play the files to see if their is a problem there.

Nero Rules

try you need to have an internet connection to download it and winrar or picozip to extract the file

Edited your link. Please respect our forum rules. If you want Nero go to and buy it from there.

That link does not work or exist!!

depends what media you use really with the coastering/Nero

I’ve got 6 Princo coasters here using Nero, but the rest were fine using Instant CD/DVD.

I have DVD-R’s from some other no-name company burning fine with Nero though.

Admittedly so, the media does make a difference. I have here both the Princo and Ritek ones. As I have previously wasted more than 30 discs. I have reinvested in the process and starting from scratch with the new office computer. New NERO, new DVD Shrink, New external burner and using the left over DVD media. Hopefully no more problems now. Already burned 2 successfully (Using the Ritek and not Princo ones though). I also noticed that I should not be doing too much on my computer while I am doing the burning. Fingers crossed.

weird, i use nothing but princo -R A grade. have never got a bad dvd.

kinda the opposite here…have a twitchy set top box…it prefers +r…damn samsung:)

I was lucky enough to speak to someone who’s been to the factory who produces Ritek media (helps as I speak Chinese). The thing is that all these companies like Princo, Ritek and Shintaro comes from the same place. The expensive ones are Grade A and the cheaper ones are rejects mixed in with Grade A ones. Also I was told that even if you got grade A ones, there is no guarantee because the checking process is random.

Fascinating lanceheng, can you offer more details on your conversations on the Ritek media?