Free Nero 9 upgrade for Samsung ODD customers (valid till April 2010)

“On the occasion of the Windows 7 release”, Samsung offers a free upgrade to Nero 9 (OEM of course) for owners of certain drives.

List of eligible drives:

[li]SH-S222A / SH-S222L (TS-H662A / TS-H662L)[/li][li]SH-S223B / SH-S223L (TS-H663B / TS-H663L)[/li][li]SH-S223C (TS-H663C)[/li][li]SH-S243D / SH-S243N (TS-H663D TS-H663N)[/li][/ul][li]external:[/li][ul]
The free upgrade is available from Nov 2009 to April 2010.