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As all of you know M$ has a very “aggressive” oem packaging program; in order to get people to package their software they have to make it cheep enuff for the system builder to make a profit well that is what their oem builder program is all about but it gets better not only do you get 2/3rds off microsoft software but when you join thy send you a package of around 25cd full of their products. while these products are trials, I have been able to find cracks for almost all the programs at not to be confused with

  the products they sent me were:
           Office XP  :)
           .net enterprise servers
                  includes sql server 2000 (enterprise edition)
                  commerce server 2000
           SQL server 2k 
                  and 3cd of why its better than oracle :rolleyes:
           Small Business server 2000
           Windows 2000 Advanced server :D
           and best of all a Microsoft Hat <whohoo> :rolleyes:

You can sign up for this “legal” program at

all they ask is that you take a survay on the phone

also you can sign up for microsoft events at

<< at the events they alwase give you free software(full version) and t-shirts , etc >> <<<also at the events they usually have free beer and pizza no joke (thats reason enuff to go) :p>>>


I ran out of room and didnt get to tell you that at the events they usually have free beer and pizza no joke (thats reason enuff to go) :stuck_out_tongue:

anyway please post a reply if you decide to get the free software <im just interested>

I think everyone should join and get as much free stuff from microsoft as they can :slight_smile:

M$ should loose as much money as they can through this :slight_smile:

:: Hate M$ :: M$ should die :slight_smile:
and I love cheese


Working at a computer retailer helps too…
M$ often organizes training sessions where they give free software too…This is how I got the Office XP package (Full version, no trial, no beta) for free :smiley:


did u manage to crack OFFICE XP trial if so how did u do it???


sos i also ran out, lol, do they automatically send u the cd’s??? when u register or do u have to do something else i also live in the UK does this make a difference


Im working on a crack for office xp… not yet and havent found one eather. but I did found cracks for most of the rest of them at
I do not know if the UK is a problem as for the rest of your query I didnt do anything besides order them but they do say you have to take a survey on phone…I signed up agean and plan on taking the survey.


Hey David:

Thanks for the great tip!

I can’t see anywhere on the site anything about 2/3 off software.

Nor does it say anything I could see about those CDs you mentioned. How does one sign up for the survey you mentioned.

Details, please. We need details.



I live in The Netherlands is it possible for me to??


OHHHH!! they talk to you over the PHONE!!! humm… guess they need a real phone number eh? Maybe i’ll try it again.
—ahhhh…they DO want to talk to you on the phone—got an e-mail saying they couldnt get ahold of me by phone, and to call an 800 number… well, at least they “care” enough to give you an 800 #.


the 2/3 off is bc it is OEM software the link I provided is where you register. After you register they will call (1-2 weeks later) and ask the survey, all they ask is how many computers you build per year and how many servers. After the survey they will send the “starter pack”. Also after you register you can login at and buy OEM software which is around 2/3 off retail.



Okay, maybe I’m setting myself up for flaming here…but…

Where does it say anything about such large price reductions
as 2/3 off. Oh sure…if you buy 20 packs of certain software…you may be able to get a voucher for 1 pkg. of sth. else, but I don’t
see anything about such deeply discounted pricing…Can you
point out to which web page this is on so I can take advantage of




this is a price list for oem software when you sign up for the system builder program you can buy microsoft stuff at those prices


Originally posted by david2002

this is a price list for oem software when you sign up for the system builder program you can buy microsoft stuff at those prices [/B]

Went to their site and found this:

MS DOS6.22 3.5" OEM 3 PACK $104.21


Ok so what one item is rediculosuly overpriced but you have to remember that you are dealing with M$ here! They are not smart people! anyway unless you are looking to buy that DOS what does its price matter? also just so you know that is cheeper than you could buy the offical retail version of MSDOS for :slight_smile:


I just find it amusing that a few months ago they annonced they’ll disconnect support for Win95, all Win95 users will have to buy full version instead of Upgrades for future softwares, etc. and they’re still selling DOS to people.


What David is talking about is the “starter kit”. What he has not mentioned to you (taken from MS’s site) is that the eligibility requirements for the “starter kit” are as follows:

Eligibility Requirements:
To be eligible to receive a Starter Kit, you must obtain an average of at least (3) operating system multipacks per quarter from any authorized Microsoft OEM Distributor. Quarterly, qualified recipients are sent email and/or letter
notification and must respond indicating they would like to receive their free starter kit.

Qualifying Microsoft OEM Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
Microsoft Windows NT Workstation 4.0

You may want to keep this in mind before jumping into this



Those are the requirements to stay an active system builder they send the starter kit before you even have the chance to order anything. I know because I have signed up for this program 3x so far and they keep sending the starter kit then when i dont buy anything they cancel the membership and I sign up agean :slight_smile: they neaver katch on :slight_smile:


I actually did receive a phone call from a lady from M$ yesterday.
She asked me how many pc’s and servers I built, How did hear about the program and a few questions. For people who are system builders they have all kinds of support(hint-hint-oem version of technet - that sort of stuff). In reality over 70-80 % off the computers on planet earth run Microsloft. Yes it takes them forever to accomplish anything but, GUESS who is sittiing on assload of money?? Diffinitely not us unless all cd freaks are baziilionaires…Major companies rely on them to provide mission critical o/s and other pieces of (insert vulgar word here) software,
for instance, do u have insurance? ? The insurance company has some shitty program they run on guess what? Yep M$. There is a requirement that u have to BUILD so many systems a quarter.
Guess how to make easy cash _ Build pc’s for a living. OEMs make a living of it so they arent in the street begging for your money, just when you come into there store. Plus if u want a logo, a custom logo with the OEM you have to pass their test that run on your builds… While I raved enough about this and need sleep considering I worked 44 hours in 2 days.



Let’s hope you’re right in my country. I haven’t heard anything
from MS yet, but it’s only been about 1 1/2 weeks.

If anything shows up at my door, you’ll be getting a humble
pie apology from me. Let’s hope I have to apologize.

Take care,



Hey I’m in it for already a little while (got this tip from a helpdesk)

And I still haven’t heard anything or seen anything

what could be wrong?

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