Free Lite Burning App?



What is a good free lite weight burning program? I’ve been a long term Nero fan but since version 7/8 it has gone to bloat. For ISO’s I am using IMGBurn which is PERFECT! But I want something to burn data to CD/DVD’s and to burn Music CD’s.

I have been looking at Nero 8 Micro (I already have a valid key.), CDBurner XP and BurnAware. I never heard of BurnAware until today but looking at the screenshots it looks like a great Nero Alternative.


But I want something to burn data to CD/DVD’s and to burn Music CD’s.

ImgBurn does this.


[QUOTE=Dialysis1;2005187]ImgBurn does this.[/QUOTE]

I don’t like the “Build” function. It’s too inconvenient for me. I rather just drag and drop and burn like Nero/CDBurner XP.


I rather just drag and drop and burn

You can do that with Imgburn too…


[QUOTE=LOCOENG;2005207]You can do that with Imgburn too…[/QUOTE]

I don’t think IMGburn will convert .mp3’s to .wav. I know Nero/CDBurner XP do this flawlessly. Too much of a pain to use a 3rd party app to convert.


It does that too.


Check Koyotesoft for his FREE burner. His programs are very good overall. i use the CD Ripper and Burner and have no issues with either of them. If you want something more-that is not really bloatware, check out Ashampoo for their burner. They will nag you to buy it and will offer it at a very fair price below the listed one <G>-but you can at least try it for free. I have this one and it works with virtually every system and drive I have.


ImgBurn+Burrrn ???


[QUOTE=LIGHTNING UK!;2005304]It does that too.

So if I follow this method to make a .cue for a list of MP3’s. Will it convert the MP3’s to WAV format? My car CD player does not support MP3 playback.



Yup, it’ll use DirectShow to convert whatever you can throw at it - assuming you have the appropriate DirectShow filter installed of course.

The MP3 one is built in (as is WMA), so no worries there.

The disc it’ll create after burning such a CUE file will be a proper Audio CD that’s playable in any CD player*

(* limited only by its support of various media!)


Damn… that’s great! Didn’t know there were all these new features with 2.4. I still had the older one until yesterday.


LUK!'s the best ain’t he?


Try InfraRecorder. It is a “good free lite weight burning program”. Also has a cool “smoke effect” during burns.

Give it a try.


Well I am personally using IMGBurn and it’s great.

However, I needed a very simplified version for some non technical savy clients. I tried InfraRecorder, BurnAware and CDBurnerXP.

I really liked the interface of CDBurnerXP the best out of these three. Very simple to use and works great. Highly recommended for those non tech savvy types.


star is awesome and free… the same as the commercial one minus the networking features and its literally a 500$ paid program … does pretty much anything you could need.

im looking for a FULL nero replacement engine. i could care less about all the flashy interfave stuff i want a solid burning engine that can do everything. start so far is working well…

gear is my fav for consistant burns but its pretty expensive for what it can do for you…


link to star burner:


also for music and cd’s i am REALLY liking cd-da extractor… not free but very cheap for what it does fo me so far i think it will be my audio / cd program for a while