Free list of 137 VPN providers reveals everything to find the best service



We’ve just posted the following news: Free list of 137 VPN providers reveals everything to find the best service[newsimage][/newsimage]

Picking a VPN provider to surf the internet anonymously has never been easier with a sheet containing all VPN providers and their characteristics. The sheet tells you how private you really are, whether the service is technically safe, how ethical they conduct their business and information about the prices the VPN provider asks for its service.

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Good initiative, but we should keep our eyes on the road. There are alternatives out there for just surfing, like Proxy servers which will not cost you a dime (they are for the most socks 5 these days and does not give away your IP). Then there is Tor… With that said, with more than browsing in mind, a list like this is a good starting point for the amount of time it stays unbiased :wink:
Of course, the above is excluding the poor souls not able to surf unrestricted in the first place :flower:


About those proxies, I’m fairly certain proxies don’t provide encryption. That said, if you want to avoid being spied on by your ISP or big brother, I wouldn’t recommend using a proxy. I would also recommend avoiding any PPTP connections to VPN servers. If they don’t provide any other connection methods (such as OpenVPN), you should avoid them like the plague.

I like TOR. I also like VPN providers that do not log the users’ activities.