Free LightScribe software?

Sure, I know there’s a ton of ‘pay us $$$$$’ LightScribe software out there, as well as ‘try it for xxx days’. No need to mention that, i’m not interested.

Is there any actual free (freeware, opensource, etc.) LightScribe writing software out there? The only one I’ve come across so far is the one from LightScribe themselves, LightScribe Simple Labeler, but I hear it’s very slow.

Hi jez9999, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile: (Sorry for not welcoming you the fist time).

Earlier it was possible to get a free SureThing Labeler 4SE from the same site, but now it’s been replace by a trial version of SureThing 5.

Unless you can find the old SureThing 4SE somewhere, I don’t know of any other free LightScribe labeling programs.


That’s the LightScribe Simple Labeler software, that the original poster already mentioned, I believe?!

My apologies DrageMester, try this download AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I have no idea if this is legal as well so please remove the weblink if it isn’t.). It seems forgot to remove the setup file from the website :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

lol I wish you would have posted this 6 months ago :rolleyes: :bigsmile:

Cool, I now have SureThing 4SE LightScribe Edition sitting safely on my machine and webserver. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Thanks Mr. Belvedere, seems like a nice program for a great price.

Thank you so much for this post! I was getting frustrated with Nero and a two free programs I downloaded and tried today. I just couldn’t get the type to work as well as it did on my daughter’s laptop.

She has Roxio and now that I figured out how to add even more type I’m sure I could have done it on hers if I had had more time to mess with it. I lucked out and got my external DVD writer for 50 cents at a neighborhood garage sale. It was never used, but had no box (and the lady found the installation CD the next day for me).

I finally hooked it up today and burned a CD and just did my first LightScribe label on it. It turned out A-OK!! I hope these Verbatim discs are more consistent than the Memorex ones as far as the labels go. All printed, but some of the images varied somewhat in tones in places. From what I have read it sounds like most folks prefer Verbatim (at least the non-colored ones).

I’ll have you know I joined this site just so I could thank Mr Belvedere for the link, it works great!

Still works! Many thanks. You saved me a great deal of frustration.

Link still works! Amazing that lightscribe doesn’t do anything about it.

Well, you’re all most welcome :slight_smile:

Yes, it still works! I also have a copy tucked away here on my system (just in case of future necessity, wink, wink). Incredibly, this old software works with Vista Home Premium 64 bit and my Samsung (TSST) SH-S223Q drive. Just make sure you have the latest Lightscribe system software installed. Thanks again, Mr. B.

And it’s STILL working! :slight_smile:
Amazing! :wink:
Thanks, guys.

Holy freaking crap! They still didn’t fix it after 3 years?

Don’t tell 'em! And yes, it still works! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Why would Lightscribe charge for software anyway?

They want you to use their media, so they have no interest in restricting the software…


Link is still working just installed it myself and even though I have Nero Cover Designer
installed also I’ll probably end up using SureThing 4SE the most because I liked the trial
version of SureThing 5 but didn’t want to pay out money for it as I don’t really use a lot
of LS discs that often enough to make it worth while. :disagree:

Thanks to jez9999, the link still works 4 years on.

God bless the internets.

still works :slight_smile:

Hello… i have not even installed and tried it yet but i truly thank Mr Belvedere too. I cant understand why they want to sell software that would encourage us to buy their hardware. I was already thinking of quitting the whole lightscribe thing.
Thanks again Mr belverdere! I suppose now i can order more lightscribe DVDs.
Silly Lightscribe patent-owning people!