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This question is geared more to the U.S. readers out there.

I've been using Netzero for sometime now, and I've found a file which I could disable the Netzero advertisement banner. Recently, however, I've noticed that Netzero boots me off their system after about 20-25 minutes, even if I'm actively surfing.

I would like to know the following, is there an updated program/file which disables the Netzero banner and doesn't boot me off the system?

If not, is there an alternative free ISP that I could use for which I can also disable their advertisement banner? I know there are a lot of free ISP's in the U.S., but I'm curious if there are programs out there which can disable their advertisement banner too.

Any information is appreciated.

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yeah, there is a real good free ISP i told my friend about. goto no banners or anything.


If there are no banners or anything, then how are they able to offer free internet? Most free ISP’s use advertisers to pay for the web access.


my friend told me that he uses HTTP:// . He installed netscape navigator and when he loggs on and everything he then minimzes the Internet Explorer and opens the Netscape. No banners or nothing. Just make sure u install Freei first then Nestcape.Havent’ tried it, i have DSL


Theres a couple of free services on my site,

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really, goto there are absolutely NO banners or ads. they can do it because they were the first provider of free internet. just try it and you will see. it’s the ONLY free internet i would reccomend.