Free IPods Anyone?

<-- Yeah… that’s me and Jenny McCarthy hanging out at E3… and yes, she is wearing a Halo 2 T-shirt.
Is an iPod worth $0-$20 + a little work on your part? Cool, I thought so too!

Sig from Electrox3d

Basically thoughts. Pyramid.

I checked out the website and emails go to a gmail account so not a good start I would say.

Edited the signature to the link for the website, without any referrer codes…
Keep an eye on this fella to see if he changes it back…

Um his sig. is changed back to a link. This is just a pure marketing shtick hes a vendor from E3. maybe someone should send him a nice pm and explain the advertising part.

The link used now is directly to the website and without any referrer id.
Even though this may be advertising, it could also be seen as informing people, but the poster will not benefit directly from this now (no referrer).

The former URL was clever, no visible referrer, but from the website you arrived on, there was a referrer ID…this is now no longer the case.

cool, still do not like advertising in sigs. though.

FreeiPods links/referrers keep popping up…
Perhaps we should make a CD Freaks referrer and post it in our forums…clearly stating no other referrers are allowed.

If (I still doubt the scam) CD Freaks then gets 1 or more iPods, we can organise our own giveaway…people then only have to sell their soul to us…and they probably will too :bigsmile:

Well some of us already sold their souls… does that mean free ipods? :slight_smile:

You have to subscribe to a (free) service, but need to fill in your creditcard details. I believe it’s also only for US residents. This is just spamming and using an affiliate code it’s unfair. They are trying to make themselves better by using our forums. For really helpfull people we might have looked the other way but I would now just remove the code. If he changes it again -> warning -> ban!

I agree we do not need this, I would remove the entire link myself.

Well the link is still there to his site, i guess he will be keeping his advertising.

It is not…the original link was to an .info url. From the original site linked you could click to the
By changing the link to the domain, I removed all referrer and he won’t profit from this scheme…