Free ipod



fill this out and get free ipod




Yeah, the name says it all as usual.

Here’s a little insert from above link :

Yes, it’s really free, here’s how it works:

* All you do is sign up, complete 1 online offer from our large list of advertisers and refer just 10 others who each complete 1 offer. That's it! You'll get your selected gift free with free shipping.

  To get a bonus gift, you must complete 1 additional online offer and refer just 2 additional people who each complete 1 offer.

What’s the catch?

* The only catch is that the people you refer must be unique to and you may only have one account per household. There are some guidelines to how we determine a user to be unique which are fully explained in our Terms & Conditions.

Is this a scam?

* No. is 100% legitimate. We have shipped hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of free gifts to our members.

Isn’t this just a pyramid scheme?

* No. We are an affiliate marketing site, advertisers pay us to send them new customers, this is how we can afford to give out free products. By participating in our program, you become, in effect, a "sub affiliate" as we are providing you an incentive to send us customers to pass on to our advertisers.

  Affiliate marketing is a widely adopted, legitimate form of marketing which has been used for over a decade and makes up a large portion of the online marketing industry.

  By contrast, a pyramid scheme is typically defined as a fraudulent scheme in which people are recruited to make payments to others above them in a hierarchy while expecting to receive payments from people recruited below them. We never receive any money directly from you or those you refer nor do you recieve any money from those you refer.


For future reference, people with more posts to their name who pull something like this, deserve a sin bin for 2 days in my book.