Free/inexpensive DVD drive diagnostic apps available?


Hi everyone:

I have a couple of NEC ND drives. I think one is a 3650 and the other is a 3550, if I remember correctly. For a drive that might be questionable, is there free/inexpensive software to test the drive completely, or does everyone just use the standard drive reading and writing tests?

I’m hoping for a true diagnostic app, if possible.

Thanks either way.


I’m not aware of any diagnostic app. People usually only test the quality of written discs with CDSpeed or OptiDriveControl



Thanks for that. And is that enough to know if a drive is reliable? I’m a tech. who needs to step someone through multiple very important burns of system discs. I need them to be reliable (all else being equal).


Even the best DVD-media (which is very rare since years) can also have faulty pieces. Without a quality scan it´s impossible to say the result is good.

I´m not sure whether these NEC-drives can do quality-scans, so I would recommend to buy a cheap LiteOn iHAS 124 or 324 for scanning.

Burn some discs with NEC and LiteOn and scan it, so you will see what´s the best of your drives for burning the media you use