Free HD television service launched

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Many already have a HD-ready TV set, but have to pay their monthly subscription to actually enjoy high-definition. BBC and ITV have launched a new channel, Freesat, a digital satellite TV service…

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Now, if only the powers that be could do something like this in North America… Only problem is “Chuckie” and his cronies at the other sat providers would be fighting tooth an nail to kill it… :frowning:

“we should understand that these channels will probably be overloaded with commercials.” It is usually worse than paying for commercial free channels. Not to mention who wants to see news channels in HD, sure I don’t. Also children channels are very important to be HD, kids cannot live with SD as far as I know. :frowning: HD hype, there are several parts of life where HD is not needed. These two fields I mentioned above are such places, but well good to see some more adverts in HD are coming. :B

“HD hype, there are several parts of life where HD is not needed.” I think I speak for the majority when I say porn should be on that list. I don’t think I need to see the clarity of a pimple on some guy’s hairy ass. But maybe that’s just me. Discuss. :slight_smile:

@DukeNukem Oh my bad, yeah porn was forgotten, hehehe… As you know Al-Jazeera and alike channels could air their low res DivX quality interviews with idiot politicans in HD… :r Plus a HD porn channel, oh my god I cannot live without that anymore. Let me see, all in all do I need HD at all ? :B Won’t BluRay and a PS3 be enough for me ??? :r :r :r j/k

Amazing Europe just now has this & it’s being treated like big news. Terrestrial HDTV was in US since 2001. We saw the 2004 olympics “the way the rest of the world would in the future”. Won’t be watching Beijing olympics at all of course.
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