Free HD Decrypter Information?



Hello all…

I just want to explain what i think about
the DVDFab for XXEuro or Dollars and the DVDFab Free HD…

I use a Free program because i dont need all the functions from the DVDFab for XXEuro or Dollars…

So if you want some money to the free product…

Create a light version like 10Dollars every year abo… :cool:

I wish to copy the “Surrogates” Z1 and i cant, the DVDFab Free show me a strange and totaly new message



The free version will lag anywhere from 60 to 90 days behind the paid versions for the latest updates so you would have to wait for it to get the new copy protection removal. The price for the paid versions isn’t that much


I looked the price… 60-75 Dollars just for “rip” the movie?! (DVD to DVD)

So now, because of that, you will obtain many of “Decrypter” users, become users of “hacked” version… :frowning:

im very sade about your decision…

For your information, im only use the rip mode to pass the protection on the DVD, thats all…

After this operation, i use the old “DVD Shrink”…

i dont will pay 60-75 Dollars just for this operation, sorry

The time with one DVDFab Decrypter and all the others DVDFab Programs, was much better…



It is not my decision I don’t work for DVDFAB, I am a user just like all the others on this forum. I was just explaining on how the free version is updated. And each to their own I guess some people just want everything free and expect the author’s of these programs to give everything away free and waste thier time, after all they have a right to make a living just like everybody else. Nobody can make a living for just selling something for $10 a year also FAB is the cheapest program out there I believe anyway Have a nice day


not everything… Just on thing… the “RIP” fonction thats all…


[QUOTE=bitonio6;2485209]not everything… Just on thing… the “RIP” fonction thats all…[/QUOTE]
The rip function is the money maker as without that DVDFab would no longer be


I use a different paid for software but I also have the free version of DVDFab.
If what I use can’t decrypt a DVD backup then I have no problem waiting till DVDFab free can .
I appreciate that they do offer a free version.
So the answer is you will just have to wait 60 to 90 days to make your backup for free.


[QUOTE=GJ;2485279]The rip function is the money maker as without that DVDFab would no longer be[/QUOTE]

For you DVDFab is only that???

I think is more thant that no?! :cool:

i respect all the work, but is a too expansive software, for what i need to use with it…