Free Harley Kitchen Magnet Commemorating the New Museum



I’ve had an excellent time on CDFreaks and realize a number of members are Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. This past week, I visited the HD Roadhouse at Summerfest (Milwaukee’s annual music/food party) and factory reps were handing out kitchen magnets commemorating the opening of the Harley Museum (a local billboard advertising the museum says: “There’s no whispering in this Museum”.)

I don’t think these magnets were made available to dealers and are probably in limited supply. I collect HD memorabilia and am simply passing along a good deal. I paid nothing and that’s what I’ll charge you.

I’ve contacted a few CDF members based on their avatars or reference to the product but have seven left. If you would like one, please PM a mailing address and I’ll get one out.

Best Wishes,



Very nice of you Jeff. :slight_smile:

Still funny pm’s though.


We’ll keep that between us (for me, it could be a senior moment).


Thanks Jeff, 3 Harley’s in the garage and a magnet on the fridge would be nice.


Thanks Jeff and I’ll be sure we talk again soon


I have four left (no reserve & free shipping - it feels like ebay). There must be enthusiasts beyond the US border?

HD produced a sneak preview of the Museum:


I have 2 left - contact me if interested.


Received mine thanks again Jeff


I got mine… Thanks very much, Jeff…


Received it, thanks Jeff


Yo Jeff-

Got mine and the one for someone

Thanks again-eh!!!