Free Hard Disk Sentinel Professional-No upgrades



Free Hard Disk Sentinel Professional

I already have the lifetime I got from club.myce .
I thought some might be interested in this give away.
If you don’t like the way the free software site works don’t use it.


It’s great software too so I’m sure a lot of people might be interested in that.



I should add the giveaway time is short.
Right now only 17 hours left.
Most of the software giveaway sites have a time limit.
Member roadworker is the one that told me about this site sharewareonsale .
It was for a different software but I bookmarked the site & check it regularly.


It shure is a great piece of software!!:iagree:
The giveaway is for the previous version 4.4,while the lifetime upgradable version is 60% discount!!!:clap: