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Does anyone have step by step guides on how to use cuttermaran to split a DVD MPEG into 690MB pieces?? I did a real quick google and didnt find to much. please reply back ASAP. Thanks…

have a look @

When i scrolled down to the page there guides i seen but not in english and i only see the tool to download which i already have the cuttermaran tool. I could get that off of doom9 or my post on doom9.

a DVD mpeg split to fit on CD-R’s?? :eek: oi… that would take for some movies up to 6 CD’s! Is there a reason for this? Just jump on digistor and get a 16X±R/RW/+R 4x DL internal for less than $100, or externals too (about $130) :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:

Oh yeah, and if you use their 8x DVD-R discs they burn at 12X on the dvd burner. Have fun!

well thats not what i wanted. Does someone want to help me find step by step guides on how to split a DVD using cuttermaran period?? Nothing about DVD Burners im talking about. Im talking guides on a simple tool.

there are NO english guides.

ok… I dont know any other languages. I only know english. where can i find a step by step english guide for splitting DVD’s using cuttermaran??

Thanks for the help so far but I am still looking for more. Anyone else with any ideas or guides then please post.

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ok, for starters you are asking people to give up there time and effort to help you, we are in no way obliged to help you, if anything you should be paying us to help you. we help for free, and all (well i at least) ask in return is for you to be polite and friendly, and i assume that is what other members want.


ps. im currently looking into your problem.

ok, i think what you need to do is go to Tools>DVD2AVI then VOB2AVI to make the dvd into a avi file, then you can use Tools>MPEG Tool Box> Cutter to split the avi file.

however i think this is very much the wrong tool for this, you would be much better with using VOB2AVI (in dvdcutter) and then use Dr. Divx (trial) to split the files into 650MB chunks, then you could use TMPGEnc to convert them to mpeg.

ben :slight_smile:

ps. mpeg on disc is a old standard, you may want to consider using WMV, DivX, NeroDigital (or an other mpeg-4 codec) that are much better quality. if you sue VOB2DVD to make a dvd Windows Movie Maker 2 will turn it into a 700MB file very easly.

pps. DVDCutter really annoys me as it is just a collection of FREEWARE tools bieng sold for $40 to gullable people.

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i agree, but not just if asking for help, whatever you are doing on a forum you should show respect :slight_smile: