Free ghost program?



Does anyone know if there’s a free (fully functional) program that I can use to “ghost” my hard drive so that if I need to reload Windows I don’t have to do it the normal way and load all my drivers and applications seperately?


I just read Womble’s Norton Ghost thread. Anyone know the DOS commands that can be used instead of Ghost?


Can the Windows XP Back Up utility make a ghost of a drive? or will this not copy the registry?


Post #1 - No
Post #2 - No
Post #3 - No


Okay, sorry to harp on this topic but…

It seems to me that there has to be some really simple DOS command to make an image of a drive that includes hidden files, registry, etc. I don’t see why one couldn’t just boot up with a DOS boot disk and then using this command create an image of the hard drive.

Anybody know why this wouldn’t work?


Have a look here (and scroll down abit)



There are no DOS functions that can image a drive for various reasons… One being 8.3 character filename limitations, another being partition/filesize limitations to name just a few.

Look at VirusHack’s post for freebe stuff available.