Free Game Websites/Downloads

Thought I would post some websites that offer free games, not warez 100% FREE. If anyone knows of some other free sites please add them to the list.

Liberated Games
Rockstar Classics
GameHippo << Just found this one may have ok games
The Underdogs
The Thing
The Legacy

nice link slayerking :slight_smile:


Thanks Mate!

you can get the American Army game from this site. its a big download or you can order the free game disc thru links there i believe

“In it you can learn about SafeDisc, SecuROM and heaps of other protections and learn on how to defeat them. Also you can take a look at some of my various tutorials in it and some frequently asked questions asked. Plus heaps more!

I like this forum already…

and dont forget there are a lot of good betas you can download from
Suprisley most of them are free. Ive downloaded the Splineter Cell Chaos Theory Beta, and the Swat 4 beta for free.

Beta meaning a demo version?

i like the 100 games on the fhm website keeps me goin!!

I tested a MMORPG called DOFUS. Its so cool!
Its an online roleplaying game.
Its so funny and the Graphics are really different from other RPG.

You should test it as well. Its free!
Just go there: :smiley:

This is GREAT! I’ll find something to play at these sites. THANKS!!

Thats all i can think of at the moment, most of these need to be played in browser though! <<for this go on and click on “online games”

yay gta 1

Holy @#&% (for the sake of the children, I will not write it)!!! Excellent sites man, I’m going crazy over “Abandonia.” I find those old adventure/RPG games quite charming.

Hello :slight_smile:

Can you please tell me if there is a free version of Bejeweled out there??? I am sad and addicted to it! :o

I want it for my mobile too but i cnat seem to find that to support 3 network in australia also.
Any way if anyone knows where i can get a download please let me know :kiss:

Try AddictingGames too. It has many games and they’re kinda O.k!
and also TeaGames. Suitable for who wants a short fun.

(these are flash game sites.) it’s got an awesome game there called gunz - a free non pay mmorpg - dunno how to explain it but it is a game to keep running in the background while playing other games - an rpg
Flash games
that’s about all i can think of

new game every day, legit, only downside is you have to download, install and ‘register’ the game on the day of the offer… and you get little or no future support for the game etc… but all in all, not bad for free is sure the best place to download any games from the Internet., especially since the databases are so huge, downloads easy… I love this site!